At Mr Green, we offer a wide range of Consultancy services to positively impact on a business. Our drive is to build long lasting relationships, working with businesses to identify potential opportunities and improve efficiency and profitability.

A Powerful Approach

Our Business Consultants are experts in their specialist fields and successful business owners or senior executives. This puts them in a unique position, able to understand the big picture context of the challenges you face and provide well-informed, up to date insights and solutions to achieve your objectives.

Our role does not start and end with a fixed term contract. From initial understanding through to implementation, our Consultants will work alongside you for as long as you feel they are adding benefit.

Our broad range of service areas allows us to offer you comprehensive Consultancy, addressing all aspects of your business that need attention or would benefit from our expertise.

Our experience

We work across a range of sectors and business sizes on a national level. Our clients include SME’s through to PLC’s and cover:-

  • Law Firms & other Professional Services Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hotels, restaurants and bars
  • Retailers
  • Construction
  • IT and Software

We have worked with a whole range of business in a number of situations. We are experts in helping business achieve their full potential through our business growth consultancy.

We’re With You All The Way

Mr Green Consultancy has also established a strong network of approved Service Providers across a range of sectors, from Online Marketing specialists at a Digital Marketing Agency to IT Consultants, offering our clients access to competitive pricing packages and high quality service delivery. Having identified ways to improve your business, we’ll help you implement the changes too.

Whilst working with businesses to provide strategy consulting is rewarding, we thrive on being part of the business and helping with the implementation of that strategy, taking responsibility and accountability for the decisions made through our journey together.

Our Founder

David Green

David Green

Business Consultancy - Strategy - Business Development

David has years of experience both in running his own businesses and working with other businesses to develop them into healthy and successful ventures.

David began his career in insurance before moving into the legal sector where he developed a number of thriving law firms and legal businesses. He has now taken the knowledge and skills learnt over the years to develop numerous businesses across a range of sectors either as an owner, investor or consultant.

David’s consultancy services focus primarily on assisting business owners to enhance profitability through operational efficiencies, systems and processes. He has worked with businesses establishing themselves through the set up phase through to turning around businesses which are struggling and seeking a new direction in difficult market or trading conditions. David’s strategic consultancy helps businesses to reduce expenditure whilst increasing profitability.