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All Change - Legal Practice Management

Post by Admin , Jun 12, 2019.
Business Consultancy

Change is constant and evolution can be the difference between profit and loss. This change can be voluntary or forced and involve any aspect of a firm – whether financial, regulatory, technological or operational.

A business that’s not prepared to change will soon fall behind its competitors that are willing to adapt. But businesses that want to embrace change must approach it in the correct manner. Often the most significant barrier to change is not the willingness of the owners or managers, but the staff. Obtaining buy-in from staff will significantly influence the success or failure of any change. When change is discussed it’s often considered to be for negative reasons – for example, the business has hit troubled times financially and needs to reduce expenses, or technological advancement results in necessary job losses. But even a positive reason for driving change can be a disruptive influence if managed badly. So, how do you address the challenges staff can pose during an uncertain time?

Once the need for transformation has been recognised by the leadership, it’s imperative that staff are consulted. They will probably already be aware of the changes – whether because industry-wide news is discussing a change to the market or rumours have started. The sooner a business can talk to its staff the quicker they will buy into it. Whether the change is positive or negative, most employees will respect the leadership for taking action and for discussing it directly with them.

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