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What Should You Include In Your Marketing Action Plan

Post by Admin , Jul 29, 2019.

In this blog we explore the building of a marketing and business development strategy and why these should be linked to the overall objectives for your business.

Whilst a marketing strategy should be projected over 1-2 years in which the objectives and goals set by the firm are linked to this plan, it is also appropriate to go into more granular detail to set out exactly what should be performed, by who and expectations.

This is less about what you propose to spend and how many sales that will generate and therefore income, but what actions must be performed.

It is important to remember that the clearer you are on what you are expecting the better likelihood your plans will be of being achieved or in the alternative resigned in so that you have not set unrealistic expectations which are doomed to failure.

Whether you have internal resourcing for your marketing and business development of external it is imperative to discuss and agree with them what they will be doing and when. This will provide everyone involved in delivering your strategy clear direction and understanding of what is expected and what success means to you.

Although 3 months is a short timeline, our recommendation is that you set out a 3-month marketing and advertising plan that goes into the detail of what is expected with factors included such as: -

·         Budget – Review and revisit your budget. If you are seeing success do you need to increase your budget and if you are not happy with the results what do you need to change and should budget be reduced whilst adjustments take time. Remember not to give up too early, most marketing campaigns take 3 months to generate traction.

·         Content – What content do you need and how frequently do you need it for each of your marketing channels. What should the content look like and who will be writing it. Set each person contributing a deadline for delivery of content. Not drafting or poor quality content is often at the heart of a failed campaign. Plan and communicate if you expect delivery from your colleagues. A simple calendar view setting out expectation is all that is needed.

·         Topics – What topics do you want to focus on? What is trending at the moment and is your business able to comment or even better, do any of your products and services deliver an answer to a trending problem? If you want to focus on a topic ensure you have content rich articles that discuss and address different aspects of the topic you are discussing. Multiple pieces on one topic are fine as they showcase your knowledge and enables you to discuss the topic from all angles.

·         Platforms – what platforms are you going to focus your strategy on? There are several media platforms for you to use to share message and content. A particular product, service or topic may be more successful on one of these platforms, so it is important to focus more attention on this. Remember that the difference platforms may require your content to be adjusted to better fit their profile. It is the same content with some alterations and representing.

·         Target market – Review your target market. Times change rapidly and your target market may change with it. If a product or service is not selling to who you intended where does the problem lie? Your products/services or your chosen target market? Review your target market and research how people are engaging and with who. You may have to rethink your campaign message.

·         Products and services – Review which of your products and services are responding to what you are doing. Capitalise on your strengths and address your weaknesses through reviewing campaigns. You can adjust and redirect budget while reviewing what you are doing but be sure if you do this to increase budget on what is working while you consider what is not.

It is appropriate to set out the full plan for the year but the detail must be reviewed with more frequency. If meeting your marketing and advertising team monthly is too much then you must undertake this quarterly. Review achievements, assess performance and adjust the plan and set out the detailed programme for the next 3 months.

It is important that your marketing team and business development team are interactive. Whilst it may be the case that a marketing strategy is there to deliver new business and for the new business team to convert this, it is also important to ensure that the enquiries being received a capable of being converted and are from the appropriate target audience. Assessing quality of leads and adapting plans to ensure you get quality leads as essential.

Do not fall into the trap of allowing your marketing and business development areas to operate separately, they may have different roles but they are dependent on each other and must be integrated through sharing of information and knowledge.

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