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Mentoring and Coaching – Is It Needed?

Post by Admin , Oct 03, 2019.
Business Consultancy

As a business leader do you always feel in control of your business and your decision-making processes?

Regardless of the size of your business and the responsibility you have there are often challenges that you face both personally and professionally that you could do with some support on and that support does not always come from within your business.

Many business owners and senior managers look externally for independent support, guidance and advice to benefit them in overcoming their challenges and add value to their decision-making process.

There are many reasons why using the services of a mentor and coach can benefit you and your business. Some of these are: -

  • Support

In the busy life of an executive there is sometimes the need to seek external support for a variety of reasons. Sometimes to discuss an issue and put it into perspective or to obtain an alternative view. The mentor will be able to give you impartial advice and help with thought processing and decision making, all of which will be confidential and shared with you only. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or the path ahead of you looks confused, the answer can often be unlocked through discussing the issues with an independent expert who will help guide you.

  • Second opinion

There will be occasions where you feel that a decision you are making is the right one, but a small doubt is stopping you from executing your action. Gaining a second opinion can be invaluable to put your mind at rest or to tweak (or change) the action you proposed to make. A quick call and verification are sometimes all that is needed to provide you with the confidence to proceed.

  • Learning

It is not possible to know everything no matter how experienced you are and there is always room to learn more. If you are looking to bring on a new skill set or you are seeking to learn about a subject or topic, your mentor may possess the information needed to teach you the skill or most certainly will be able to use their source of experts to find you the appropriate training. It is essential that executives continue to learn to develop and this accessing expertise is an essential part of a mentoring relationship.

  • Knowledge

The old saying “you only know what you know” is both true and correct. If you do not know something, how can you expect to progress your thinking. Part of a mentoring programme is to gain the knowledge and insight from an expert who has access to a wealth of knowledge and information that you may not possess. Since mentors tend to work across a range of businesses, executives and industries they have the exposure to aspects of business and personal life that an individual may not have experienced before. Tapping into that knowledge and expertise can help arrive at solutions that otherwise may have been missed.

  • Problem Solving

We cannot always solve a problem that confronts us. That may be due to experience, knowledge or simply that you are too close to the problem and cannot see the solution. A mentor will help you look at your problems from a different angle and will bring with them knowledge and expertise that should help to clear your thinking and provide you with the answers you need to solve your problem.

Regardless of your status and knowledge, a mentor can be an effective way of assisting you in your decision-making process both in your personal and professional life. The use of a mentor is to provide you with strength and support when you need it is always confidential to you. It offers you enrichment and focus.

If you want to discuss how Mr Green Consultancy can work with you or others in your business through providing executive mentoring and coaching, get in touch with us. You can call on 02078421825, email us or visit our website and complete an online enquiry.