Consulting For Law Firms

For Law Firms:

At Mr Green Consultancy, we are experts at working with firms in the legal industry, assisting them with a full host of services aimed at strengthening their firm, stability and profitability. We work very closely with The Strategic Partner, which is a specialist law firm knowledge hub.

Our Founder has in excess of 20 years practical experience in the legal industry as both an owner, advisor and consultant and has worked with firms of all sizes from sole practitioners and small partnerships through to PLC’s, assisting with a complex range of issues and challenges and we have included below some small insight into how we approach key areas of law firm management: -

Strategy and General Guidance including Planning & Forecasting

An essential part of any business is planning for the future. Planning is not always as easy as it may first seem and expertise is required to steer and guide a business to deliver proportionate and sensible projections that are achievable both financially and otherwise.

It is sensible to take detail from the past and assess what has been successful and what has not, to start to map out the opportunities and threats the firm has and what needs to occur to optimise and overcome them.

Working with this information alongside reviewing competition, the market generally, technology, regulation and compliance and importantly the aspirations of the firm itself and the owners will result in a detailed plan that is capable of being projected forward with key steps, requirements and milestones. All set out in a clear and concise plan with financial and operational objectives and targets.

Regardless of the size of your firm and the challenges you face, or requirements you have, the starting point of success is to have a strategy and plan that is proportionate to your firm and realistic. We pride ourselves in working with firms of all sizes assisting and helping them build such plans to ensure future success by applying a methodical and sensible approach.

Restructuring Law Firm creation and set up

Whether you are seeking to set up a firm for the first time, looking to restructure your firm from a sole practitioner or a partnership or simply looking to convert into an LLP or Ltd status law firm we have the knowledge and experience to manage the appropriate needs of your business as you launch or go through a transition phase.

We will draw on the appropriate expertise you need and guide you through the regulatory mine field you face, ensuring that the structure you enter is robust, providing you with the optimum model for success.

With our consultancy working with you we can help deliver on you requirements on time so you can trade or continue to trade.

Mergers and Acquisitions including Due Diligence

Deciding on selling your firm or seeking to merge or acquire a business is a critical and serious time for any business. We work with firms at all stages of their journey, ensuring they are ready and prepared for the step they are going to take.

Starting off on the right path is essential to ensuring your requirements are met and successful. Ensuring success in this area is all about planning and understanding what your ultimate goals are and ensuring you are very clear on this.

The next step is due diligence to ensure there is full transparency in the firm you are acquiring. The consequences of getting this wrong can be dramatic so it has to be right.

The final step is the integration and ensuring this is completed in a timely manner to ensure that the benefits of the merger or acquisition are appreciated in the quickest possible time frame without damaging either firm.

If you are conspiring a merger or acquisition as part of your future proceeding with our expertise will provide you with the benefit of independent experience that seeks to guarantee success.

Preparing for and raising finance

We work with a number of finance specialists in the legal sector, ensuring that firms access what they require financially, when they require it, on the best possible terms. Whilst we are not regulated to provide financial advice, what we will do is work with you to ensure your firm is positioned in the best possible way to present your needs to funders to ensure you obtain the best possible terms. Obtaining funding is not always easy and ensuring you have expertise on your side to ensure you obtain the best possible chance of achieving your financial requirements, can prove essential.

Marketing, Sales and New Business

Assisting law firms with building a robust strategy for marketing and advertising campaigns through to sales capture and conversion is a serious and often complex process. There are a number of facets to consider, all of which need to be correct and require careful planning to ensure a firms strategy for new business is a success.

It is necessary to join up each of the steps and put in place appropriate measures to deliver a successful strategy.

Our approach to working with firms building or reviewing their new business strategy is to ensure that we focus on achievement of realistic goals for the budgets set and respecting the resource within the firm alongside review of the operational processes and training of the staff involved in each step of the journey.

Without appropriate planning and appreciating the boundaries the firm has, leads to campaigns not working or new business opportunities being wasted.

Regulation and Compliance

An area of management of a law firm that cannot be ignored. Our knowledge of compliance and regulation in the legal sector is unchallenged. Whether delivering advice directly or through working with other industry experts we work with firms providing them with a robust regulation and compliance strategy that offers protection to the firm enabling the key decision makers to concern themselves with effective running of the firm and not being worried about the regulator.

Our view to compliance is that it must be appropriate and proportionate for the firm and be manageable on a day to day basis that works. A firm must be compliant and it must introduce policies and procedures that work for the firm, ensuring they remain compliant and do not implement policies that are over the top or simply will not work.

By understanding your firm and understanding regulation we deliver proportionate regulatory structures that the owners and staff understand, respect and can work with.

Staffing and management

One of the most important assets of a firm is their staff and ensuring that each firm has an approach to managing their staff that works is essential for delivering success. Every firm is different and the way in which staff are managed will vary but there are fundamentals that must be implemented and complied with. The requirement here is to ensure the basics are in place and they are tailored to meet each environment ensuring your firm gets the best from their staff in all situations both positive and negative .

We work with firms to review and implement an approach to staff management that covers all of the necessary requirements yet respects the type of firm, style of management and requirements of the owners. We work with you to build successful people as we recognise that it is the people in your business that will deliver your success.

Systems and Technology

A challenging time for any firm is reviewing or introducing new technology. Changing systems or introducing technology, if not executed correctly can have a devastating effect on the business.

We work with firm from the initial stages of identification of what technology is appropriation through to the building stages and finally implantation. We build strategies for change that work for firms and understand their requirements, ensuring that the technology they have and introduce is necessary and proportionate and will be used to its full potential.

Part of our expertise is the knowledge we possess across the market as we have access to information that a firm simply may not know, due to not appreciating what technology exists or how to apply it. “You only know what you know” and we seek to broaden your knowledge by sharing our market wide knowledge of reviewing and implementing technology and systems across a range of business.

Our expertise is provided to prevent firms from taking a step that damages their business and we work with you to ensue your system requirements are met with successful implementation.

Our experience and knowledge is complete. We are constantly reviewing and updating what we do through our engagement into the legal market which ensures we stay relevant at all times. Due to this experience a number of our consultants and others we work with have extensive experience in the legal sector and we are able to draw on this collective experience to assist our clients.

Through connecting with Mr Green Consultancy we will ensure you gain the full benefit of our knowledge and expertise in the legal sector.

To access our expertise or to discuss a particular issue or challenge that faces your firm you can contact us on 0207842825 or email us