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Our Consultancy

At Mr Green Consultancy we have over 20 years’ experience in working with and advising businesses and their owners on a range of topics and requirements to help your business thrive.

Using a consultancy brings a fresh perspective on your business, the ideas it has, and the issues it faces. Whether you are a start-up or an established business that is embarking on a change management programme, we have the skills and knowledge to become an integral part of your team to deliver success.

External input to help develop your strategy, or simply to provide research and analysis to reinforce or adapt your decisions, can be invaluable. We offer the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, untainted by assumptions based on your existing company culture, structures, or processes.

The world of business is constantly evolving and businesses need to adapt to changing times. Whether this is the introduction of new products, changing the skillsets of staff, streamlining your processes, or downsizing to reduce overheads or simply need to increase profits businesses need to assess where they are and make the right decisions quickly.

Our experienced Business Consultants understand businesses of all shapes and sizes across multiple sectors and markets. We provide crucial insights and support.

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Our Approach

Our Business Consultancy service involves learning about your firm, your culture and your goals - not just those of the owners, but all stakeholders (investors, shareholders and staff).

We develop a strategies tailored to your company and an overall goal of achieving and exceeding your business objectives. We can assist on individual projects or become part of (or lead) a project team for a wider ongoing initiatives, supporting you for as long as you need us.

Change within business, however positive, can be disruptive. Introducing new innovative and cost effective technology may improve performance and profits, but may also negatively impact staff, which, in turn, can have extensive impact on the business. We help assess impact across your business and devise a strategy to manage and minimise the negative consequences of a new direction or a change in the business.

Change can be an exciting time for any business but the experience may not always be positive and as mentioned, may also impact on staff. These decisions can be difficult to make and more difficult to execute. We can help assess impact across the business and devise strategy to manage the negative consequence of a new direction or a change in the business. At Mr Green Consultancy, whilst we can undertake a singular product with advice and guidance for Business Management & Development, we can also work with you through a project and into the implementation stage. We will stand by you through the strategy developed if you need us to.

Our Business Consulting Agency prides itself on creating long and lasting relationships with our clients and providing true ongoing value.

Our Consultants have worked across a range of businesses of various sizes and in most sectors. Many continue to be active in those roles to this day, ensuring their Consultancy is up to date, relevant and well-informed, and most importantly, adding continuous value.

Our Clients have included both start-up businesses and established businesses looking to refocus through to clients who seek ad hoc ongoing advice as their business develop on a range of matters from finances to product launches.

The Detail

We will typically work with business across a range of consultancy needs which includes: -

Strategy & Planning

Working with you to build, review, adapt and update strategy. Whether you are a business seeking to implement a strategy and planning policy or you have one that needs refreshing. We will apply our knowledge and expertise to work with you to deliver a strategy and plan that provides clarity and focus for those involved in delivery.

Regardless of the objective of your plans committing what you will be doing, how it will be done, who will take part, and final outcome, are essential to successful delivery.  We will work with you to assess the viability of your goals and adapt and adjust them to ensure the business has every chance to achieve them.

Pulling together a plan provides:

  • Clear roles
  • responsibilities
  • milestones
  • deliverables
  • measurable
  • And objectives, will clear the path for successful delivery and implementation.

An independent expert helping guide you and your team should be an essential part of your strategy.


Achieving profitability is easier to say than to achieve. Identifying the key elements that make up your expenses and income and how to control both is an essential tool for every business owner.

Whether your business has;

  • Fallen into a loss situation
  • Wishes to increase/enhance profits
  • Or is reinvesting to secure growth

It’s important to establish how the impact of change/investment will affect your business, your staff and your clients.

Working with our consultancy, you can be assured of honest and direct advice that will service to focus your business to the achievement of profit or enhancement profits in a time frame that is realistic to ensure expectations are managed and success is celebrated.


If your business has fallen into difficult financial times our consultancy will work with you to understand the root cause of the problem, identify the solutions and build a strategy to implement the required solution support you, as needed, every step of the way.

If your business is distressed and finances are a concern, we will work with you to deliver a fee package that ensures you receive the advice that you need without increased financial pressure.

Growth & Expansion

A business which is seeking to secure growth faces challenges. Planning for those challenges will help ensure you overcome them. If growth is part of your strategy, careful planning is required to ensure the business does not over stretch its finances and resources.

Whether growth will come through investment and organically, acquiring a competitor, or introducing new services or products, we will work with you to ensure those growth plans are managed effectively. Identifying and overcoming issues and importantly, that the strategy you implement will lead to a successful achievement of your growth aspirations, without damaging the core business but ensuring your business flourishes.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring another business or being acquired can be a nervous time for a business and will inflict massive change in your own business.

Mr Green Consultancy works with both firms being acquired and acquiring to ensure a smooth transition and an effective execution of the sale, merger or takeover and importantly a smooth transition period with minimal disruption and capitalising on the opportunities available.

We work with businesses to ensure success in any given scenario, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying a suitable target
  • undertaking due diligence through to completion and integration

Process Management

Every business will have processes that drive the central core and operations of the business. Processes will not only deal with the service or product delivery, but also regulatory issues and compliance with regulation and standards that are essential for your business to function effectively.

If your business is at a stage where it needs to implement or review its processes, an independent, unbiased view will bring fresh perspectives and ensure that existing processed are refined to maximise efficiency. As well as new process being introduced with a little disruption as possible to your business and interacted seamlessly minimising impact.

From drafting fresh process documents through to adapting and enhancing existing processes we have the knowledge and expertise to make, what may seem a daunting task, easier to achieve with successful implementation with minimal disruption.

Systems and Technology

At Mr Green consultancy we understand systems and technology and how it can be used to good effect across a range or sectors and markets. There is often a temptation to seek to implement new technology. Appropriate and proportionate use is essential to ensure your business does not invest in technology that is simply wrong or will not deliver a return on investment due to being wrong in terms of need, timing or both.

Understanding your business and its method of operation and how updating and changing your system, or introducing technology will impact on your business, is a skill set that has been gained in Mr Green Consultancy and working with businesses to ensure they introduce change or systems and technology at the optimum time to support and drive their business forward in a competitive market is a clear strength of ours.

We work to understand your business and the drivers for introducing change. Most projects will involve the use of some technological changes or upgrades that may have a profound affect in your business. Identifying the impact and providing for the change will ensure that technology is effectively implemented and has a successful outcome.

Change Management

Change management is an all-encompassing and daunting work when it comes to your own business. Managing change successfully is essential to the achieving of your goals and commitment.

Whether change is forced upon you or a choice the task of getting right it made significantly easier by building a change management strategy that identified the issues and engaged the solutions across the board. Our consultants have experience and knowledge of working with businesses as a whole or their departments to effect successful change in the following scenarios.

  • Transitional
  • Operational
  • Unplanned
  • Organisational
  • Personnel
  • Remedial
  • Succession & Exit

Our Partners

We have forged relationships with a number of business who provide quality products and services to our clients if needed. We can make and facilitate introductions to critical providers who compliment your requirements and will support and further your strategy.

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A consultant is an independent professional who possess expertise, knowledge and skills that you or your business may not possess and through their input a business can benefit from their input.

A consultant will provide 2 fundamental benefits to a business. An independent view of any topic and expertise that your business may not possess.

Consultancy tends to work on the basis that the consultant is engaged for a project to provide advice and guidance and the engagement ends when the project ends or it can be an ongoing engagement offering support and guidance for a period agreed between the consultant the business. This may be following the implementation of a project or simply an ongoing engagement to enable the business to use and extract the knowledge of the consultant.

For as long as the consultant is adding measurable value to you and your business. 

Our Consultancy has expertise across a range of sectors. Our Founder has extensive experience in the legal and insurance sectors alongside general business management gained through years of running and managing his own businesses and being engaged with others as a consultant. Together other consultants cover a cover range of topics including

a.    Marketing

b.    Business Strategy and Planning

c.    Information Technology

d.    Data Management

e.    Operations

f.     Finance

g.    Brand and Brand Management

h.    General Business Support and Change Management

Mr Green Consultancy predominantly covers the UK and has recently seen engagements in Dubai and the US.
If your engagement with a consultant is to assist in the strategic development of a growth plan for your business the answer is yes. The consultant should be able to use their personal experience alongside others that the consultant has engaged with to not only build your strategy but assist in the implementation. Results must always be measured so make sure you know where your business in before engaging a consultant so you can track growth to ensure you are gaining the output expected from the engagement. A consultant like any other person in your business should be given goals and objectives. 
A business consultant will help you manage change if that is their skill set. Change management can be complex and technical and choosing a consultant with real life experience can help you deal with situations more efficiently. At Mr Green consultancy we have been involved in many change management projects and possess a high level of experience in this field.