IT and Telecommunications Consultancy

IT and Telecommunications Consultancy for Law Firms & other Professional Services Companies

IT and Communications are critical in any organisation. Our IT Management Consultants have a wide range of experience in both sectors providing robust and efficient structures for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a sole trader or complex multi-site business, we have the experience and knowledge to help you deliver the optimum infrastructure for your business. Our Consultants believe that implementing IT solutions must deliver a Return on Investment to increase a firm’s profits, reduce headcount where necessary and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Business and Law Firm IT Consultancy will work with you to understand your business IT and Communications needs and help deliver packages to meet those requirements within budget. Our Consultants have specific experience in:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Support
  • Business Telecomms Specialists
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Bespoke Software design, development and build
  • Project Management
  • Case Management Development
  • Client Management Systems
  • Hardware and Software installation
  • Management Information and Data Mining
  • Website design and build
  • Efficiency modelling through use of technology
  • Artificial Intelligence programmes

We have worked with a number of businesses across the full spectrum of sectors, but notably Insurance and Professional Services Sectors, providing both specialist and bulk services to our clients.

Through our work, we have developed relationships with a range of providers who can deliver a multitude of services and platforms to assist all businesses. As we understand the technology in the market, we can help implement solutions that may not be immediately obvious to business owners and their staff.

To access our IT expertise or to discuss a particular issue or challenge that faces your firm you can contact us on 0207842825, email us or make an online enquiry. 


An IT consultant can take a number of roles in a business. As IT can become complex often an individual, will specialise in a particular element of IT and companies who do not have the knowledge or expertise for a particular task or system so they will turn to a consultant for their expertise. At Mr Green Consultancy, our focus is to work with firms to identify needs, establish solutions and work with out team of experts to implement the technical work required. We understand systems and we have access to both products and services across the market.

If they have the required expertise and experience then yes. Both IT support companies and consultants can work with you to update your systems. Updating may not always be the appropriate solution and before embarking on expensive upgrades it is worth assessing what you are seeking to achieve as alternative solutions may be available. Also, depending on the age of your systems and if you have a maintenance package some upgrades come as part of your package so be careful not to spend money you do not have to.

Yes – Consultants tend to be very prevalent in the software development sector of IT. There are a number of development platforms and consultants will tend to specialise in 1 or a couple of platforms.

If you do not possess the internal knowledge to resolve or address a problem then a consultant is a good choice. Part of the journey is identifying the issue or what you are seeking to achieve. Once you have undertaken this you can seek the resource that you need to complete the task at hand which may come from internal resource or you may need to source a consultant externally.

There are a number of companies that offer start up solutions for new businesses but often they come with longer term commitments. A consultant as part of a overall start up process will help you identify what your systems are and the best fit solutions for you. A consultant’s interest will be to get the best fit systems for your budget and to make sure you get the best possible deal in the market.

We have worked across a number of sectors but have a particular focus on the professional services industry (law firms, accountants etc) and the insurance sector providing support, guidance and intelligence to the systems and the technology used in the businesses we work with.